Aj Himur Biye By Humayun Ahmed

Aj Himur Biye is a widespread book of the famous ‘Himu Series’ by the famous writer Humayun Ahmed. Though Humayun Ahmed was a student of science yet he was busy building his dreams in the world of literature. He has presented us with one after another fine literary works.

The story begins with a narration narrated by Himu himself where he tells us that Majeda Khala is arranging HImu’s marriage with an unknown girl. The girl is not ready to marry Himu as she loves another boy named Turjo. But Majeda Khala has kept the girl in her house guarded. Himu eventually tries to help the couple to be together again. Series of spectacles happen and Himu is seen once again giving the readers pleasure of reading a book of Himu Siries. To know what happens to Himu or the girl you have to download this Bangla Book PDF.

Humayun Ahmed created a new conception amongst the young generation by creating the very popular character Himu. Download the Bangla book as free Bangla Book Download named AJ HIMUR BIYE and enjoy the thrill to know himu. In this story Himu meets with a strange character named Dr. Ferguson. Turjo is drug addicted and a patient of Dr. Ferguson. To know what happens next Download this Humayun Ahmed books.

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