Download Nishithini by Humayun Ahmed-Misir Ali Based

We know that Humayun Ahmed has been built the character named Misir Ali with the analysis of logic. In this context, Misir Ali do not act without any logic. Where there is no logic, Misir Ali avoid such incident. He don't accept that. But the world is really very mysterious. What is true fact and what is not is really tough to understand properly.

In this novel, Misir Ali will face such a mystery which He never think and believe! But He will take the help of such mysterious character! Can you remember another book of Misir Ali with a mysterious character Debi by Humayun Ahmed? That Debi is presented here too!

Let see how Misir Ali takes that Debi and apply his analytical power of logic in this book.

Book Name: Nishithini
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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