Ananto Nakhotro Bithi by Humayun Ahmed Download PDF Book

Ananto Nakhotro Bithi by Humayun Ahmed is a science fiction type book and this book is written by the popular Bangla writer of Bangladesh. In this book, Humayun Ahmed has made an amazing story that shows the skill of Humayun Ahmed in writing science fiction story. If you are a Humayun Ahmed science fiction story lover, the Bangla science fiction book titled Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi is the great book for you.

This book will be enjoyable to you. In this book, Humayun Ahmed draws a good plot with a man who is a general people and his job is a TV programmer. Actually, there is a something specialty in his mind which is unknown by himself till today. This normal man loves a girl and her named is NIKI.

There is interesting news is that one day he got a letter of sky research institute. This letter was emergency called of him. So, he has to go there for this emergency. Why he got this letter and why the sky research institute sent this letter to him? If you want to know this amazing interesting story, you should read this book by downloading free.

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